Three Unique Ways to Use Chalk Pastels


Chalk pastels are like a grown-up version of sidewalk chalk and they can be used to create beautiful works of art. These pastels can be used like pencils to sketch drawings or like paint to apply large areas of color. What makes these materials unique, however, is the fact that they can be blended in a similar way to paint using your fingers or various tools. Though these are the classic methods for using chalk pastels, there are some unique ways to use them that can result in some extraordinary pieces of art.

Tracing with Chalk Pastels

You can use chalk pastels to draw just about anything on a piece of paper, but there are plenty of unique ways to use pastels that can be little more interesting.

One example that you should try is using chalk pastels to trace custom stencils onto paper. Use pieces of cardboard to create your own custom stencils then lay them on a piece of paper. Then, use the chalk pastels to trace the outline around the stencil. Once you have your outline you can smudge the borders to create a glowing effect or you can blend the borders together to create a multicolored backdrop around the stencil cut-outs.

Combining Chalk Pastels with Water

Another interesting way to use chalk pastels is to combine them with water. For the best effect, start with a piece of thick black paper and brush water over it until it is saturated. Then, use the chalk pastels to draw on the paper, experimenting with different amounts of pressure to create thin and thick lines.

The heavier you apply the pastel, the thicker the layer of chalk will be – if you lay it on really thick you can create a paste-like material that will give your piece a three-dimensional aspect. Don’t be afraid to try different application methods – use the tip of the pastel as well as the sides and try dipping the entire pastel into a cup of water before using it to see how the material changes. You can also try using a wet brush to smudge and blend your pastels on the page.

Shaving Chalk Pastels

The conventional way to use chalk pastels is to actually apply the pastel directly to paper but that is not the only option. One of the most unique and interesting ways to apply chalk pastels is to use a razor blade or a sharp knife to shave the pastels. Depending how light or how hard you apply the blade when shaving the pastels will affect the size of the flecks of chalk that fall onto your paper. You can use this effect to create the look of wildflowers in a garden scene or fireworks in the night sky.

Another interesting way to use chalk pastel shavings is to create your own color blends. Shave small amounts of different colors into a container then blend them together and add water to create a paint-like substance. You can then use the substance like traditional paint and apply it to your chosen surface. When blended with water, chalk pastel shavings create a look similar to watercolor that can be very attractive.

The beauty of chalk pastels is that they are a highly versatile medium. Not only do they come in an endless array of colors, but there are many unique and interesting ways to use them. You can create a one-of-a-kind piece of art simply by experimenting with your pastels, shaving them, wetting them, or tracing with them. There are plenty more ways to use chalk pastels as well, just be creative!

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