The Top 5 Haunted Paintings

The Top 5 Haunted Paintings You Shouldn’t Hang in Your Home

With Halloween fast approaching, you may be thinking about what kind of decorations you want to hang in your home. If you aren’t a fan of novelty decorations, however, you might consider a different option – hanging a spooky painting. What you may not realize, however, is that some paintings come with a little something extra – keep reading to learn about the top 10 paintings you shouldn’t hang at home.

1. The Crying Boy, Giovanni Bragolin

Giovanni Bragolin became known for painting portraits of crying Italian orphans in the aftermath of World War II. Over time, his portraits became so popular that they were being mass-produced in prints and sold all over the U.K. In the 1980s, people began to report strange occurrences after hanging the painting in their homes. In more than 50 house fires, The Crying Boy was the only item to survive the flames. In one case, the painting was found face-down on the ground, untouched by the flames.

2. The Dead Mother, Edvard Munch

You may know of Edvard Munch for his famous painting, The Scream, but this painting it not typically believed to be haunted. The Dead Mother, a painting of a young girl standing in front of her mother’s dead body, is often described as being “deeply disturbed” or “unsettling”. Some say that the eyes of the child follow you and some claim to have heard the sound of the dead mother’s bed sheets rustling.

3. Love Letters, Richard King

A popular stop in paranormal tours, the Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas is the site where four-year-old Samantha Houston fell to her death in 1887. A painting called Love Letters by Richard King hangs in the hotel and, while it doesn’t depict Samantha, it is said to be haunted by her spirit. People at the hotel claim to have seen Samantha playing with her ball and some have had strange experiences standing in front of the painting – people even say they feel like the painting is trying to communicate with them.

4. The Hands Resist Him, Bill Stoneham

This painting, created by Bill Stoneham in 1972, is decidedly creepy. It depicts a young boy standing next to a life-size doll, backed by a wall covered in hand prints. The painting was inspired by a childhood photograph of the artist and it was sold to a private buyer in 1974. Within 10 years, the buyer as well as the gallery owner and the critic who first reviewed the painting had all died. Sold again, the new buyers claim that the painting haunted their daughter

5. The Anguished Man, Unknown

Given to him by his grandmother, Sean Robinson inherited The Anguished Man, a painting of unknown origin. The painting is said to be made with the artist’s blood mixed into the paint just before he committed suicide. After hanging the painting, Sean began to experience strange things like doors opening at night, odd noises, and a lingering fog throughout the house.

Whether or not you believe in ghosts or hauntings, you should think twice about hanging any of these paintings in your home. They may not necessarily be haunted but they are definitely creepy and you may find that strange things start to happen after you hang the painting, so be careful!

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