Modern Mediums and How Art Has Changed Over the Years

Modern Mediums and How Art Has Changed Over the Years

As the times keep changing, so does art. The mediums that were popular hundreds of years ago are now considered outdating but the techniques that are currently being developed will one day be described this way as well. But what is exactly is modern art, and how has modern technology changed art and the way we experience it? Keep reading to learn more.

What is Modern Art?

The definition of the word “modern” is “relating to the present or recent times, as opposed to the remote past”. As such, what is modern eventually becomes the past as time moves forward – the same goes for art. Whereas artists once made their own mediums using natural materials like clay and plants, modern artists are able to take advantage of a wide variety of new mediums.

What is currently considered modern art includes works created between the 1860s and the 1970s and it is a reflection of the culture and philosophy of the times. Modern art is, by definition, new and innovative – it deviates from the traditions of the past and it finds new ways to use materials and to express ideas. Romantic artists like Francisco Goya and Henry Fuseli were considered new and exciting during their time but we look to them now as classical artists, an inspiration but not a guide.

How Has Technology Changed Art?

In the same way that modern technology has made for new advances in medicine and electronics, so has it paved the way for new innovations in art. One of the biggest changes in art that technology has brought upon us is the birth of digital art – an entirely new field that was once impossible. Artists can now create grand masterpieces without a single drop of paint, unlimited by the confines of the canvas. Modern technology has also made it possible for multiple people to own the same pieces of art – things can be duplicated much more quickly and much more accurately than in the past. In some ways, modern technology has also opened the door for artists to expand their creativity beyond the limits of more traditional mediums.

Not only has modern technology changed the way that artists create art, but it has also changed the way that the public experiences art. You no longer have to go to a museum to see the works of the grand masters and you can experience the creativity of a local artist who lives thousands of miles away with the simple click of a button. Today, art can be shared and spread with no limits – that, in and of itself, is influencing the way art is made as well. Modern art is a reflection of the times and our modern society is driven by technology. It certainly leads one to wonder what the future holds.

Art is and will always be changing with the times. The true artist is someone who can look to the past for inspiration but find his own way into the future.

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