Promote Yourself and Your Art on Social Media

How to Promote Yourself and Your Art on Social Media

Whether you’re trying to make money on your art or simply expand your fan base, social media is the way to go. Having a social media presence will not only enable your fans to find you, but it will enable people all over the world to find and purchase your work. Simply creating a social media account is not enough, however – you have to be smart about how you use it. Keep reading to receive some simple tips for promoting yourself and your art on social media.

Optimize Your Website

If you don’t already have a website, that is your first step. Once your website is set up, you need to optimize it to make it easier for your fans to find you and to attract new fans. You don’t necessarily need to spend a small fortune on a custom design or dedicate hours upon hours to learning SEO, but you should take the time to design and create your website right the first time and then employ some SEO basics to make sure it works for you.

Start a Blog

As an artist, you can use a blog as a sort of portfolio or, at least, as a supplement to your portfolio. If you choose to use a simple WordPress site for your website, you’ll get a free blog with it that you can connect to your site. Then, whenever you create a new piece, you can post about it on your blog – you can also use your blog to write about your process or your inspiration to keep your fans engaged.

Create a Business Page on Facebook

You probably already have a personal Facebook account but you may not know that you can also create a page for your business. Business pages on Facebook enable you to share contact information for your business and you can link to your website. You can also make posts about your blog, advertise new work, and even run polls to keep your fans engaged. The more you can connect your website and your social media accounts, the better.

Post on Pinterest

Pinterest is not the best social media option for many businesses but it is perfect for an artist. This app allows you to post pictures to a personal or themed board and you can even link it back to your profile or to a specific blog post about the piece. If you post your own work, be sure to protect it with a watermark and choose your keywords wisely. In addition to posting your own work, you can also post to boards for artists you like so you can create a professional network.

Keep on Posting

Once you’ve created your social media accounts, all that is left to do is to keep posting! You don’t necessarily need to post to every account every day, but if you plan to use social media as part of your promotion strategy, you should do it often. Post at least once a week on each site and try to engage and interact with your fans as well by liking and responding to their posts.

The Internet is a wonderful thing and an amazing tool for modern artists. If you want to incorporate social media into your promotion strategy, follow these simple tips to get started.



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