How to Make Money Selling Photography

How to Make Money Selling Photography

Unless you have a gallery to display your photos, your best bet to sell your photography is online. The best way to make money selling photos online is to sell them royalty-free – this means that multiple people can purchase the same photo.

It also means that you can sell the same photo on multiple website. Stock photo websites are a great place to sell photos, though you need to be careful in choosing the sites you sell on. Some websites do not allow you to submit photos that are currently listed on other websites and the amount you earn from the sale of your photos will vary from one site to another. Some of the stock photo websites you should check out include the following:

• iStock Photo
• Alamy
• SmugMug
• Dreamstime
• Fotolia
• PhotoShelter
• Shutterstock
• Can Stock Photo
• 123RF

Certain stock photo websites may be best for certain kinds of photography, so be sure to do your research before you pick a site. And remember, the more photos you sell, the more you can earn. The individual earnings per photo may not be significant, but if you list 100 images, or 1,000 images (or more) you could make a decent monthly living.

What Kind of Photos Sell Best?

If you’ve ever perused a stock photo website, you may already have some idea what kind of photos tend to sell best. Selling stock photos is different from selling fine art photography, of course, but stock photos are a great way to break into the industry. If you want to make the most out of your stock photo sales, fill your portfolio with these kinds of photos:

• Photos of people (different ages, races, etc.)
• Photos of different jobs and work situations
• Photos of cities, travel, etc.
• Close-up photos of common objects
• Photos of nature and animals

Every stock photo site is different so be sure to pay attention to any specific rules and regulations. If you use models in your photos you may be required to submit a waiver signed by the individual giving you (and the website) permission to sell photos of them. Just make sure to carefully review the contributor guidelines for each photo website before you begin selling.

Selling your photography online is a great way to break into the business. Not only will it allow you to make a little extra money on the side, but it will also help you to gain experience and to learn what kind of photography sells and what does not. Before you begin selling, take the time to review some of the most popular photos on various websites to get a feel for what is popular. Then, all you have to do is start taking and selling your photos!

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