Eight Simple Social Media Tips for Artists

Eight Simple Social Media Tips for Artists

In our modern world, an artist has many opportunities to showcase his work. At one time, your best hope for success as an artist was to have your work featured in a gallery, you can now share your creativity with thousands, even millions of people without leaving your home.

The Internet age has changed art and social media is just one aspect of that change. Keep reading to learn some simple social media tips for artists.

1. Build a Website

Before you can use your social media platforms to your greatest benefit, you should build a website. Your website will serve as your online portfolio and it should also help you to establish your brand as an artist. Keep things simple – don’t get too caught up in the design or you might lose focus on what really brings people to your website, your work.

2. Use Facebook to Establish Your Brand

Once you have a website (somewhere to direct your followers), you can start work building your brand. Facebook is a great tool for this. You can have a personal account or a business account, and you can even create your own page to showcase your work and interact with followers. Use your Facebook account to direct followers to your website and vice versa.

3. Post Your Work on Instagram

If you want to be discovered, Instagram is a great tool to use. You can post pictures of your work or works in progress and assign different tags to reach your target audience. Instagram is also a great tool for documenting your process or your journey to becoming a successful artist.

4. Use Tags Effectively

Whether you’re posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, use tags effectively! Posting to your own account means that your followers can see your posts, but using tags helps you to reach a larger audience. The tags you use will determine what kind of audience you reach, so think carefully and use them efficiently.

5. Don’t Get Too Salesy

Every artist wants to make a living off of their work, but being too pushy on your social media accounts could be a turn-off for your followers. Always include links to your portfolio and your sales page, but don’t get too pushy.

6. Offer Freebies and Bonuses

The best way to keep your followers around is to reward them for following you! Hold a contest or a giveaway through your social media accounts, using some of your work as a prize. Not only will the contest help you expand your following, but whoever wins the prize will be spreading your name among their own circles.

7. Keep an Eye on Your Stats

Whether you’re using Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, keep track of your stats. This includes the number of likes each picture gets, how many followers you gain from certain kinds of posts, and any other information you can gather and use to your advantage. You can also use stats to optimize your website content to drive more traffic.

8. Be Consistent!

The best thing you can do on social media is be consistent. You want people to fall in love with your artwork, but you also want them to fall in love with you. The best way to do that is to know who you are, to present your best self to your followers, and to maintain your image and your brand.


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