Copywriting Tips to Sell More of Your Art Online


Not every artist will be lucky enough to get “discovered” by a gallery owner. For many artists, the only way they make sales is by posting their work online. Unfortunately, there is an endless procession of online art galleries and it can be difficult to stand out in the crowd. If you’re trying to sell your art online, try using these copywriting tips to attract more viewers and to make more sales.

Simple Copywriting Tips for Increase Online Art Sales

The first step to selling your art online is to create a strong website. The people who buy your artwork want to learn a little more about you and about your technique before they buy – that is where your website comes in. Be sure to include an “About Me” page where you talk about your inspiration. It’s almost like telling a story to sell yourself as well as your work. Once you have a strong website you can set up your online gallery and start making sales. Here are some simple copywriting tips to help you sell more of your work online:

• Be clear about your target audience. What is your purpose for having a website and who are you trying to reach? Using basic SEO strategies, you can answer these questions with a strong tagline that describes what kind of art you create and who it’s for. You want your viewers to know that they have come to the right place.

• Paint with your words. Sometimes posting a picture of your artwork simply isn’t enough to make a connection that leads to a sale. Your viewers want to know what inspired you to create the piece and they want a sneak-peek into your creative process. Make sure that each of your pieces comes with a written description to complement the piece.

• Speak to your readers as clients. Your goal for the copywriting on your site is to speak directly to the customer and to what is important to him or her. People really want to know “what’s in it for me,” so try to answer that question for the reader instead of writing company-centric copy by using words and phrases like “we specialize in ___” or “our goal is to ___”.

• Don’t forget to include a call to action. Your site doesn’t exist just to show people your artwork and to teach them more about yourself – it also exists to make sales. Throughout your website, you need to have clear call to actions – you need to actually tell the viewer to do something. It could be as simple as providing an “Add to Cart” button under each picture or make a note at the bottom of each page to encourage the reader to sign up for your newsletter.

The call of action doesn’t always have to call for a sale, but you want your readers to be inspired to do something.

A true artist doesn’t create art just to sell – they have a story to tell and an internal need to create. But just because you choose to sell your artwork doesn’t make you any less of an artist! If you have been struggling to sell your artwork online, put these simple copywriting tips to use to make more sales.

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